Stepping Into a New Season

02 Oct Stepping Into a New Season

Early Fall is my favorite time of year. With it comes the aesthetic changes , fabulous fashion, the start of school, atmospheric shifts and is usually followed by the notion of “where the hell did the time go?!” .  The start of Fall also brings on a feeling of freshness in anticipation of what the second leg of the year is going to bring . Or, adversely, it may bring up a state of panic realizing that you now have a few months to reign it  all in, get your ish together and finish what you started to end the year strong. Oftentimes, for me, this time of year is a period of reflection to realize how much has changed – or not.


Any transition can be scary, daunting and exhilarating at the same damn time.  It’s a natural function of mines to cave into myself during periods of life altering variances because it’s imperative to reaffirm my connection with my core beliefs, motivations and principles – more so when the pendulum swings from the furthest ends  drastically (and damn near uncontrollably!) .

About 4 months ago, during a large part of my dynamic shift,  I received a message in which the timing was impeccable. This message became a poignant guide to shedding my proverbial skin  and stepping comfortably into my new season – especially through such  a transitional time in my life personally, spiritually and professionally.  Although this message was not a new concept, it’s served as a reminder of the life applications and thought process that I KNEW  worked and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment.

I’m not the Bible thumping type but it’s no secret that my faith is one of my strongest assets. I have a firm belief in God, the energy around us/from us and the Universe. Although I was at a place of worship when I received this message, I believe that this message is extremely relevant for most and exudes such power that it transcends denominations. As the physical and metaphorical seasons change around me, it reminded me of these words  – which still resonate with me 4 months later.Using some of my notes (quoted) I listed below my thoughts and what I took from these points.

The 2nd thing I thought of this morning was writing this post .  I took this as a sign someone, somewhere needs to see and feel this message today. Here is your reminder … step on out and step into it! 🙂


Reach Forward

  There is no way to reach forward without letting go of the past 

How much progress can we expect to make if there’s one hand is reaching for the door to opportunity ( or freedom  #nojudgement)  and the other is holding baggage 10x your weight? There’s no way to apply 100% of yourself to what you are doing if you’re only using 1 out of 2 hands to do it.  If whatever you are harboring or holding on to doesn’t help to push you forward –  wish it well and let it go.


Build Generationally

 Impact more people

It’s bigger than us. When we build something, if we are a part of something, if we believe in something – it’s more than who we impact now. It’s about making a difference for those behind us.  For those who are still unable to speak. Not only is it about legacy building, it’s about example setting. It’s about setting a precedence not only your family, friends and kids will be proud of but your kid’s children and the children’s children  of those you will never know.  This kind of thinking takes some sacrifice –  relationships,  time, funds and at times – sanity. If it’s for the right purpose, and will positively impact more people , it’s worth it.

Think Big

Don’t dishonor God by dreaming small dreams

Don’t dishonor yourself by cutting your dreams short.  Literally ANYTHING is possible. We’ve read about, we’ve seen it we’ve lived it. If you envision it, make a plan, meditate/pray/chant /attraction ( whatever works for you) it will happen.  It can happen, and it’s repeated time and time again that it does happen. There is no need to keep yourself in a box – if you dream the biggest dream, it can happen with the right mix of an action plan, faith, timing and opportunity.   Something my Grandmother inculcated into my head: bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayersWord.

Be Strong

Forces will try to push you back to where you were before  you started rising

I always say that resistance is an indication that I’m doing something right. It happens at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Nay sayers, doubters and even the universe will bring negativity into a space. It’s as natural as gravity. If you believe in it, balance it out with positive thoughts/people/places/things, keep steady and keep pushing.

Pursue Passionately

Keep pursuit in transition , press on and keep pursuing God

This is key. If nothing else drives you – let passion drive it. Any transition period can be hard. As people we are resistant to sudden change. It takes generations to adapt to a social construct – imagine going against something that is innate. It’s not always easy to keep pressing towards your goals/mission when all you feel like doing is giving up. During those times, reaffirm with your core drivers and purpose and keep pushing. Deliberately & passionately.

Get Ready

Get ready today so that when you turn that corner – you’re ready tomorrow

Self explanatory. Everything that you go through is in preparation for something or as a result of something. Either way it’s all part of the process. Get ready – the world needs you!


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