Tech: The Pebble Smart Watch

09 Jul Tech: The Pebble Smart Watch

Move over phablets,  tablets, readers, smartphones, minis and mobiles – the new Pebble  Smart Watch is here to ride the wave of “MUST” have electronics …




The Pebble Smart Watch went on sale earlier this month ( July 7, 2013) at Best Buy and sold out within days.  The watch has features such as  Bluetooth technology to answer / reply ( or ignore, whichever suits  :P, ) incoming texts , emails and manage your music;  connectivity with your Apple iPhone® 4, 4S and 5 and iPod®, as well as most Android devices with OS 2.3 ; downloadable watch faces  – that range from the  subdued time piece to  mohawk rocking  & sunglasses wearing emojis ; and a waterproof design in case you need to check your emails while taking a dive.

The biggest  opportunity I see here is for the app developers ( with the endless aesthetic customization possibilities,  unique games, organization and health/wellness apps etc.)  and eventually  advertisers.  Consumers are stuck to their phones more so then ever ( 84% of users admit they can’t go a day without their phones)  – it can definitely change the landscape of reach if the device is literally strapped to a consumer for a long period of time.

Although the watch was sold out at Best Buy within the the first week it was available, it will be interesting to see how adoption progresses ( is this just another fad turned dud?) , consumer engagement changes ( in a world of expressing yourself in 140 characters or less, how will the smart watch fare?) and user segmentation develops ( with a smaller screen and functionality differences,  usage patterns are sure to vary).

How much is too much though? Do we need another device to keep us connected to the same emails/social networks/ people that we can access on any of our 50 other devices? The short answer- probably.

Will you be flocking to the local electronic store to purchase your smart watch to match your smartphone, computer, tablet, reader, itouch, ipad….or are you not buying it?


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