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27 Jun Travel Feature on Our Take on Arise TV

  Last week, I got the opportunity to share the "Our Take on Arise TV" stage with 3 other phenomenal women to talk all things travel.  I, along with Evita Robinson of Nomadness TV, guest host Sonia Sahney Nagar of Pickie and host Christina Brown,  talked about our adventures traveling to places like China, Thailand, Dubai and India. I was beyond excited to share some of my experiences while meeting, chatting and learning from  some AMAZING people. Check our segment and the entire episode below!
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19 May Las Vegas, NV, USA

When I think of Vegas, the first thing that normally comes to mind is  gambling and ,ehem, memorable parties. I'm not big fan of  losing my money voluntarily  ( I keep my total slot machine spending budget at a $10 max and $20 on blackjack) so on my recent trip back west,   I wanted to explore the other amenities that Sin City had to offer. In comes the trek to Vegas' Freemont East district.  Just a short 20 min ride from the strip, it hosts a pedestrian mall filled with tons of non-gambling things to do! Read on for a rundown of how I spent my time doing whimsical things and taking in the Freemont Experience...
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