About Kelly…

Born and raised in…

Stamford, CT, Kelly T. Pierre-Louis is small city woman with an anything-but-small drive, ambition and wit. This Haitian-American talent is a leading force in the boardroom, classroom and within the community as a serial entrepreneur and marketing mastermind.  Kelly is currently a Digital Marketing Executive and runs her businesses as a Marketing Consultant & Digital Strategist for several media & tech brands. Kelly is also the  Founder & CEO of The Man Defined – A multimedia digital platform dedicated to accurately depicting the stories, perspective, interests and diversity of men of color.


As a Marketing Consultant, Kelly creates, optimizes, directs and analyzes cross-channel & all-encompassing marketing campaigns and business strategies for her clients. In her previous leadership roles within the retail, digital and technology industries, she created & lead all digital, brand and mobile efforts for the respective brands and companies. Kelly is also a college Professor where she teaches digital marketing practices, advertising case studies & social entrepreneurship.

Kelly’s go-getter mentality…

and larger than life personality and humor (along with her renowned distinct laugh), makes her a natural both on and off the screen. Her uncanny ability to think creatively and strategically from inception to execution coupled with her gift of connecting &  partnering with and understanding others has propelled her throughout her career in marketing, teaching, public speaking and mentoring. Kelly’s charismatic and collaborative spirit fosters a positive environment in the office, within the community as well as the classroom and that tone is imminent throughout all her professional and creative endeavors.


When Kelly’s not working on her crafts, she’s feeding her passions, which include traveling, mentoring, boxing, reading or simply spending time with loved ones back at home in Connecticut and extended family across the globe. Kelly currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


Quickie Facts:



Entrepreneur, Marketing Exec, Speaker, Teacher



Empowerment, Travel, Media, Community Service, Haiti Entrepreneurship, Collegiate & Professional Studies, Mentorship, Small Business, Fashion



Boxing, Music, Health & Beauty, Carnival Enthusiast (#ProfessionalPalancer) , Marketing Strategy, Digital & Mobile Media



Family, Wanderlust, Tigers, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Shoes