May 2013

19 May Las Vegas, NV, USA

When I think of Vegas, the first thing that normally comes to mind is  gambling and ,ehem, memorable parties. I'm not big fan of  losing my money voluntarily  ( I keep my total slot machine spending budget at a $10 max and $20 on blackjack) so on my recent trip back west,   I wanted to explore the other amenities that Sin City had to offer. In comes the trek to Vegas' Freemont East district.  Just a short 20 min ride from the strip, it hosts a pedestrian mall filled with tons of non-gambling things to do! Read on for a rundown of how I spent my time doing whimsical things and taking in the Freemont Experience...
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17 May Haiti Film Fest 2013

The Haiti Film Fest (presented by the Haitian Cultural Exchange) took place this past weekend ( May 9-10, 2013) in Brooklyn, NY. It was a 3 day event showcasing and celebrating Haitian cinema, filmakers and culture. I was able to attend the screening of Blackout, a  film that takes us down memory lane to relive  the infamous 2003 Northeast blackout,  through the lens  of  an inner city Brooklyn neighborhood.
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